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 sanghyuk shoves hakyeon’s chest roughly against the sheets. his head was buried in white pillows to muffle the previously loud moans that he couldn’t hold back any longer. the feeling of sanghyuk thrusting inside him erratically made his skin prick with heat and his stomach churn in pleasure.

sanghyuk leaned forward. his plush lips left fleeting kisses up hakyeon’s long neck. the light touches brought reminders of deep red marks that littered his skin. a soft whimper escaped hakyeon.

"you’re the one who’s cute, hyung,” sanghyuk spoke next to his ear. his voice came out breathless as he continued to pound inside of hakyeon. “your ass up high, legs spread, thighs trembling, fingers clinging onto the sheets.” sanghyuk bit lightly on hakyeon’s ear as he slowed his thrusts, loving the loud whine that emitted from the elder. “you’re even cute as you plead for my cock.” with that, sanghyuk thrust into hakyeon harshly, forcing his body to slide close to the headboard.
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Tao couldn’t breathe.

His throat burned. Invisible hands were sealed around his neck. His air ways constricted and tightened so he could only breathe enough to barely stay alive.

ithurts ithurts ithurts ithurts ithurts

He was hunched over himself. His forehead was pressed against his knee while his fingered ran through his hair. The sweatpants soaked in his silent tears that leaked out unwillingly.

helpme helpme helpme helpme helpme

Sharp pains stabbed into his chest. He clenched his hair tightly. His breathing became panicked. The tears gushed out to soak his cheeks. He tried to fold into himself more.

There was a knock.


He didn’t move. He was too scared to move.

Don’t look at me.

The door quietly opened.


“The food is-“

Yixing’s voice stopped. The air stood still. Tao couldn’t hide himself. He heard the click of the door close again.

Don’t leave.

There was a dip in the bed. Gentle hands were on his and moved them from his head. The hands soothingly combed through his hair.

“It’s alright Zitao,” Yixing hushed, “It’ll be alright.”

The hands stopped and moved down to his shoulders. They worked into the muscles while Yixing continued.

“Breathe through your mouth.” Zitao did just that. The sudden rush of air made him dizzy. His eyes shut tightly but he continued on. It didn’t burn anymore.

“Now,” the hands on his shoulders lightly unfolded his body, “stretch out.” He was pushed back until he felt his head against the cushion surface of his bed. His eyes fluttered open and met Yixing’s, the elder’s expression soft and his smile reassuring.

Don’t worry.

He softly exhaled. His throat no longer constricted by an unknown force. The tears that had decorated his face now dried up and left his eyes a puffy, swollen mess. Yet, he felt so light as Yixing’s hands caressed his cheek.

I’m here.

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